Is it ok to claim something is correct?

Well here goes, my first blog post! How exciting.

As I was writing the ‘about’ section of this website, I thought about how much of a taboo the subject of discussing beliefs is in society. The real deep subjects of life seem to be avoided most of the time, because when they are discussed it becomes quite apparent just how vast the chasm is between the various philosophies people live by.

People have fought and died over difference of beliefs for centuries. Many people believe that the answer to such divisive behaviour is to say “everyone is entitle to their own beliefs” and leave it at that. But is that really the answer? Could it be possible to examine and criticise beliefs without actually meaning any disrespect to the people holding them? Well, in my view, OF COURSE IT IS!

I remember watching a video on youtube from GREG NEVILLE (check him out!), and in the comments someone had written  something to the effect that Greg was not to be trusted because he was so sure of himself and was claiming certain things to be correct, and other things to be incorrect. After all, who could possibly have the answers to what life is about? Who could possible understand the big questions of life? A person who is humble and says “I don’t know, look for yourself” is much more likely to be speaking truth, according to the commenter. This commenter was not aware of the massive contradiction he was making. He himself was claiming that something was correct and incorrect. You can’t really get away from that. Everyone time you open your mouth to make a statement, no matter how trivial, you are stating what you believe to be right or wrong. To say “Hang on I’m just gonna go to the toilet” is stating you believe that the action you are taking represents you going to the toilet, and that this is a correct assessment of the situation at hand (don’t ask me why I used that for an example haha).  Next time you hear someone say “there’s no such thing as right and wrong” ask them “is that right, is it?” Hmmm.

So yes, it is completely ok to say that one thing is more correct than something else. Of course, it’s important to give your reasons on why you think something is correct. That way, other people can come back with their reasons on why they think their view is correct. Thus a healthy debate is born, and everybody grows as a result.

I want to leave this post with a thought about the bigger questions of life and what it’s really all about. Knowing the answers to questions of purpose in life has been so elusive throughout history that the notion of someone actually answering these questions has become a matter of comedy. Who are they to say they understand life? Well, I just want to point out here that there is no logical reason why it would be impossible for someone to have such understanding. There is no logical reason why the purpose of life can’t be explained. And to say otherwise is really quite a strange thing to believe in my opinion. But if you do, go ahead and give your reasons for why you think you are correct, and I will give you mine.


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