What are beliefs?


So if this blog is mostly about beliefs, and all stress is caused by beliefs, the first question that must be asked is what are beliefs?

Some people regard beliefs as simply religious beliefs. Others will say beliefs are inherently subjective and hence are different to things like facts. All these people are simply expressing their beliefs about beliefs! A belief can be defined as a person’s views, opinions, conclusions or thoughts about something. It is their answer to the question “what do you reckon?”.

But the most accurate word the describe a belief is “understanding”. A belief is an understanding. Such an understanding consists of the data which has enabled the construction of of the understanding.  And it is this logical construction of the data which qualifies the understanding to be labelled as accurate by the person possessing the understanding. Of course, this does not necessarily mean the understanding is correct, but the person will believe it is. Here’s some examples of beliefs:

I believe that is a tree I just walked past.

I believe that I am not a good swimmer.

I believe that the feeling I’m currently having is anger.

I believe that I should stop procrastinating so much.

I believe the thing I am hearing is a car driving past.

I believe this illness I have is detrimental to my life.

I believe the problem with the world is that there is too much hate.

I believe that scientific research is always accurate.

I believe that life is about letting go of rigid beliefs.

I believe that I need to believe that I am a valuable and worthy person.

I believe people push their beliefs around to0 much.

I believe today is Tuesday.

The human mind is governed completely by beliefs. Beliefs govern our assessment and response to events. And so our actions, behaviour, habits and personality are all a result of the things we believe.  Our emotions are also governed by beliefs, and even our memories are simply our beliefs on what has happened in the past. No form of communication between people can ever take place without beliefs being involved. In fact, without beliefs you couldn’t even move a muscle in your body! There would be nothing to govern what movement to make!!!!

 The mind holds a vast system of thousands upon thousands of beliefs, all held in a priority format of differing importanceThis system of priorities makes sure we are always attending to what we believe has the most importance. For example, I might believe that I really should go to the gym as I haven’t been there in a long time. But I might also believe that right now the more important priority is to rest. So despite believing I should go to the gym, my actions are dictated by what I think the priority is – in this case resting.

Beliefs are the only factor within the human psyche which can be psychologically worked on and addressed. But since so many of these beliefs are deeply hidden away within the subconscious brain, people can be totally unaware of the many beliefs involved in their decision making. Next time you make a decision, try asking yourself “what made me decide that?”.










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