Society’s Foundation Philosophy: IF YOU ARE GOOD, YOU WILL GET! Pt. 1

When investigating the cause of psychological stress in society, we are trying to find which beliefs are behind it, not which life events. We are trying to find what beliefs all people with psychological stress (and mental illness) have in common with each other.

If you look into this, you find that society has a foundation philosophy which is so ingrained that most people are unaware they live by it.  It can be called the “If you are good, you will get philosophy. What does it mean? It means “If you do what we want you to do, we will give you what you need to grow and survive”. Our mind is subjected to this philosophy everyday.

For example:

  • At home: “If you’re good, you’ll get a treat”;
  • At school/university:  “If you’re good, you’ll get a pass or a prize”;
  • At work: “If you’re good, you’ll get a promotion”;
  • In relationships: “If you’re good, you’ll win their affection”
  • In religion: “If you’re good, you’ll go to heaven”.

This philosophy might not sound too scary at first, but what does it really mean to the subconscious mind? Well, it means that YOU CAN MISS OUT on your needs. In order to not miss out, you must first gain the approval/love of whoever or whatever is supposed to give you your requirements for development. To gain approval, you must prove you are a worthwhile investment (valuable) by displaying that you have something to offer. To have something to offer, you must get out there and achieve something with your life, and make it unfold in a way which is seen to offer value. This is the chain of thought which is set up by the “If you are good, you will get” foundation philosophy:

Summary of Relating to Life program. -3

So it really means that you have to live up to a particular standard in order to prove you are worthy of continuing to develop and survive. When the chain of thought is reversed, we can see what causes people to be so scared. It is a FEAR OF MISSING OUT:

Summary of Relating to Life program. -2

It is this fear of missing out which is causing people to be so stressed out, because to the subconscious, missing out equals death! No wonder so many people are running around feeling that they must live up to certain expectations! A person’s mind affected by high levels of stress is subconsciously wired to believe that certain outcomes MUST be brought into existence before they can feel they have done well, and can consider their life to be a success. This criteria for how people believe their life must unfold can be thought of as their “achievement box”. As people grow up, due to the many influences upon them, people become convinced about what represents a successful life. Whatever criteria that entails, it will be place in their achievement box, and they will believe the success and value of their life is connected to creating that existence. Subconsciously, they will believe death is connected to failing to create it.Summary of Relating to Life program. -4

Here’s a few examples of what people can place in their achievement box:

“As long as I get married, I’ve done well.”

“As long as I’m a good parent, I’ve done well.”

“As long as I’m a sports star, I’ve done well”.

“As long as I can travel the world, I’ve done done well.”

“As long as I have a successful career, I’ve done well.”

“As long as I reach my full potential, I’ve done well.”

“As long as I can keep everyone happy, I’ve done well.”

“As long as I can devote my life to helping others, I’ve done well.”

“As long as I make it to heaven, I’ve done well.”

What do you think you have in your achievement box?


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