Hello and welcome to “View On Life”,  my blog/channel.

My name is Jasper. I am a musician and music teacher living in Brisbane, Australia. I have spent many years of my life suffering from severe anxiety and other mental health issues. Having these issues has been a huge catalyst for personal growth and learning which I now wish to put into videos and written articles. The aim of this blog is as follows:

1. To decrease the stigma and ignorance surrounding mental illness by sharing experiences. 

2. To share information relevant to growing out of psychological stress.

3. To share helpful,  practical and interesting information and arguments on various topics such as psychology, philosophy, science, the mind-body connection, spirituality and music.

4. To share personal life anecdotes.

This blog/channel is for the personal development and entertainment of both myself and anyone who stumbles across it. I will let the content speak for itself.

Hope you enjoy 🙂

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