Well, I’m guessing this is the page where I’m supposed to introduce myself. I’m just a human, experiencing life like everyone else. My question to you is, does it matter who I am at all?

More important is the question of “what the hell is this blog about anyway?”. Well, the short answer is it’s about thoughts and beliefs.  It’s about the beliefs which society holds, the beliefs which I hold, the beliefs which scientists hold, the beliefs which religions and spiritual gurus hold, the beliefs which philosophers, artists, parents, children, labourers,  politicians and criminals hold. In other words, the beliefs which people hold. It’s about comparing those beliefs, and seeing which make more sense!

But it is also a practical guide on how to deal with and grow out of severe psychological stress. I have spent 8 or so years of my life suffering from severe anxiety disorders, so I am very familiar with stress and mental illness. I would like to share with anyone who stumbles across this site some of the things I am learning which help me to find peace of mind.

I have found stress to be entirely a matter of thought and belief. And so this is why I will be comparing many of the beliefs which various people on this planet talk about.

Please feel free to leave comments, or contact me from the form. And I don’t just mean nice comments. Any comments are welcome, no matter if you agree or disagree. I will often be  examining and critiquing beliefs, so please argue with me if you want to, I will thank you for it.

Well, that’s about it. Hope you enjoy reading.